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Blog 7 Highlights


Republicans aren’t going to watch or get their news from a liberal media based production and Democrats certainly won’t get their political news from a conservative network.  The effect of this is that people are becoming more extremist.  Unfortunately, those extremists are the ones that have the floor and are currently attaining all media attention.  By having a closed mind about what you watch, listen, and believe is fact isn’t doing anyone any good.  These people become self-absorbed and conceded with what they hear and make them their own political convictions.


I think most people would agree Fox news as a conservative slant on their programming.  They are more open about their bias, and yet as we have seen in class, they remain the only network that is not loosing viewers, but gaining them.  I believe this shows a future trend in news.  It makes sense that in order to regain viewers, other networks are going to have to cater even more towards the viewers they do have and follow fox’s model of more honesty in regards to their leanings.  TV shows, social networking, and many other aspects of our culture are continuing to focus more and more on individual interests.  There are tv shows for every possible taste and it would only make sense that the media will follow.


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Friedrich Nietzsche “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”


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