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Blog 7: Partisan News

Is the media really biased? Is it a bad thing if partisan news is encouraged?  I think most people would agree that certain news organizations have proprietary bias.  The statement is often thrown around today that the major news networks are biased (implying a liberal bias) and Fox is conservative.  While I’m not going to devote this blog to whether or not bias exists, I think it is an important factor and found an interesting study by a nonpartisan research group called the Center for Media and Public Affairs.  They’re study found that when republican presidential candidates were discussed on major news networks, the overall coverage was more negative


This being said, I think most people would agree Fox news as a conservative slant on their programming.  They are more open about their bias, and yet as we have seen in class, they remain the only network that is not loosing viewers, but gaining them.  I believe this shows a future trend in news.  It makes sense that in order to regain viewers, other networks are going to have to cater even more towards the viewers they do have and follow fox’s model of more honesty in regards to their leanings.  TV shows, social networking, and many other aspects of our culture are continuing to focus more and more on individual interests.  There are tv shows for every possible taste and it would only make sense that the media will follow. 

I believe this would be a bad thing.  As we have said, it may be that when news organizations “come out”, more people might become involved in news since their network would reinforce their own views. While opinion shows can say whatever they want, I don’t think this would improve our political climate.  The nation is already locked in partisanship and I think that by news organizations becoming more biased, it would only reinforce that. 

The real way for people for us to solve problems as a republic is to continue the discussion and not shove our heads into the sand.  Fox is a response to the rest of the media networks.  If they were less biased, and went back to objective reporting, I don’t think people would be flocking to Fox.  Bias is never going to leave us, but I don’t think the answer is to run to networks that simply tell us what we want to hear.

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