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Does It Really Matter…?

This seems to a reoccurring theme throughout this semester of biased media.  Anyone who is politically intelligent can differentiate the news affiliates political orientation.  If not, sit someone down in front a television that has never heard of Barack Obama and turn on Fox News.  I guarantee that it won’t take much longer than ten minutes for that individual to come to the biased conclusion just from listening to Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly that President Barack Obama is the worst President ever.  They will probably also hear that the administration referred to as a “regime” and that President Obama is Muslim.  Now take a different approach and have someone with the same ignorance and lack of political knowledge watch a program on MSNBC and they will tell you that the President has the country going in the correct direction.  Which one is more correct?  That is the subjective opinion that all humans are equipped with.

To answer the question at hand directly, yes it is bad if Republicans get their political news from one source and Democrats get their political news from a different source.  It also matters.  Republicans aren’t going to watch or get their news from a liberal media based production and Democrats certainly won’t get their political news from a conservative network.  The effect of this is that people are becoming more extremist.  Unfortunately, those extremists are the ones that have the floor and are currently attaining all media attention.  By having a closed mind about what you watch, listen, and believe is fact isn’t doing anyone any good.  These people become self-absorbed and conceded with what they hear and make them their own political convictions.

Is there a way to fix this?  Well, I don’t anticipate any possibilities…

One of my “favorite” extremists is a good ol’ Missouri boy himself, Rush Limbaugh.  Unfortunately I call myself a fellow Missourian.  He is above all when it comes to conservative commentary as an opinion leader.  Should people listen to his programs and take everything he has to say as fact, NO!  I feel that he is more of an entertainer rather than a conservative political commentator.

But all in all, I guess this is American politics.  People who are ignorant about politics and listen to these different news networks whether it televised on the television, broadcasted over radio, or printed in the newspaper and take what they hear as veracity aren’t politically cultured enough to make a educated proclamation of what they think is accurate.


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