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  • This Ad is mainly aimed to attack Robin Carnahan’s policies by telling the public about her position on proposition C- to cut $500 million from the medicare program in order to pay for government-run health care effectively hurting senior citizens and creating bigger government.
  • It’s also very interesting to hear the ad talk about the fact that Carnahan “doesn’t want Missourians to know” about the Healthcare facts previously stated in an attempt to create an image of Carnahan that is corrupt and secretive. In trying to foment this image of Robin Carnahan I think team Blunt is trying to disenchant the democrats of Missouri in doing so they will not vote at all-a common strategy Lyengar and McGrady discuss.
  • The ad is targeting senior citizens with the first line of dialog ending with “hurting seniors most” then discussing Carnahan’s previous policy moves relating to Medicare and Healthcare. The ad also targets the unemployed attempting to appeals towards any person frustrated with Obama’s “job-killing agenda.”
  • There isn’t any other messages to analyze from the advertisement. Despite the shot on Carnahan’s character as a corrupt politician the messages stays true to talking about Medicare cuts and jobs.
  • Because the ad is extremely focused and detailed lightly, only highlighting very telling statistics such as $500 million dollars and repetition of these two messages I think the ad creates a very clear image for Missourians to see what the Blunt campaign is trying to accomplish in this ad- a small shot on Carnahan’s political methods (keeping information from the public), disregarding jobs and hurting seniors.
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