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Blog 8

The Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan campaign ads this election year have been anything but tame. Both candidates have sunk to spearing each others past actions and persuading voters with facts that may or may not be completely true. It is refreshing to see an ad that does not mainly focus on the other candidate, and instead focuses on the merits of the one doing the advertising.

This ad:

can best be described as an image ad. This ad is appealing to the every day American person. Blue collar workers are without a doubt being targeted, and this is the vast majority of people living in the state of Missouri. The main message is clear. Roy Blunt is a normal, down to earth guy that went on to do extraordinary things. I believe this message is most likely effective in what it intends to accomplish. It relays Roy Blunt’s past to the viewer and makes it’s point crystal clear. This ad definitely takes on a different style than the ad I had analyzed for blog two. This ad, also from Roy Blunt, viciously attacks Robin Carnahan. Both ad’s support Roy Blunt, however, they both take on different roles, image and issue. Even though both of these ads are different, they both sent a definite, clear message to the voting public.

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