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Blog 8: Carnahan/Blunt Take 2

This political ad came from the Roy Blunt campaign and plays on the “Rubber Stamp Robin”  name that has become so common throughout this campaign.  The ad portrays Carnahan as na Obama puppet. He knows that she will “rubber stamp” his agenda.  The final word you are left with is a quote:

“Roy Blunt, he’ll work for Missouri. Not Barack Obama”

The intended audience here I think is anti Blunt person.  He is trying to get as many people on his side as he can and with the slew of attack ads she is running on him  I would say that the fight for votes is pretty much even.  The main goal of the message is to convince the viewers that Robin Carnahan’s agenda lies with President Obama and his agenda, not what is truly right for Missouri.  She is shown as supporting big government and a new energy tax as well as not doing much to improve unemployment.  If I were to base my opinion of the candidates based solely on this ad I would defiantly vote for Roy Blunt.  I think that the ad was very well done and did its job well.

This ad was different from my first ad mainly because this was an attack on Carnahan by Blunt and the ad for Blog 2 was an attack on Blunt by Carnahan.  I do however feel like this ad was much better done than the first ad I looked at and really conveyed its message well.

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