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Blog 8: Carnahan’s ad, targeting the audience

This political ad, called “Choice is clear” supporting Robin Carnahan and posted on her Facebook is interesting on two different aspects. First it obviously highlights the idea that Roy Blunt should not be elected during this 2010 Senate Race. In ordr to convince the audience, the stress is putted on the close relationships that Roy Blunt had with the White House and the Bush Administration. A clear link is made between Roy Blunt and the the huge deficit experienced by the United States. And this link appears to be even stronger that it is said that Roy Blunt [has been]:

“helping turn our $128billion surplus into a 1.2 trillion deficit” Choice is clear(0:50) .

The ad even mention that several members of his family (his wife and two of his children) are lobbyists. On the opposite, Robin Carnahan is just presented as needing voters.

The Second, and according to me most interesting thing is the way datas and evidences are presented. For instance when the two candidates are prsented (0:22) there is an obvious difference between M.Blunt who appears as a cold working man wearing suit and seemingly eluding some journalist’s question (he is not even klooking at him) and Mrs Carnahan, in a green environment, dressed very simply. The comment could be made also with the distinction between the succession of number to blame Roy Blunt and the mere image of Robin Carnahan talking to veterans/retired people (1:23). It feels like Robin  Carnahan represented a simpler kind of politics, more focused on/accessible to people.

So at first sight we could think that this ad targets environmentalists and older electors but finally it does target any elector.

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