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Blog 8: Holy Batman, Rubber Stamp Robin!


I found this ad on Roy Blunt’s YouTube page.  It was rather buried, they are not on the main page you have to look through the entire library to find them, but they are by far the most entertaining in my opinion.  I honestly thought that Missouri political ads were better than this, but I guess not.

What isn’t going on in this ad.  Robin Carnahan as Robin from Batman and Harry Reid is playing Batman.  I guess they couldn’t come up with a super villain evil enough for Nancy Pelosi. In this episode Rubber Stamp Robin is helping Batman push health care reform through the House with the help of Nancy Pelosi, almost like guilt by association.  My favorite line:

Holy Medicare cuts Batman and Nancy! You crammed that bill right down their throats!

I don’t think that these ads have aired on television as entertaining as these are.  I think if these were to air on television I think that they might gain national attention.  I could see SNL bring back the Ambiguously Gay Duo for this one!

I’m not sure if Blunt is trying to target children with this ad, but maybe a younger generation who surfs the web more than they watch television.

The main message of this ad is that Robin Carnahan will rubber stamp the Obama and Pelosi agenda if elected.  Another message in this ad is the health care issue.  Showing that Carnahan was pro health care and everything that Pelosi and Obama.

Is the ad effective? To an extent yes I think so.  It definitely grabs your attention, whether it is for the right reasons or not is up for debate.

This ad is very different from Blog 2.  Not only was the first a Robin Carnahan ad, but that was a serious ad about health care.


If you want to watch the next episode of the adventures of Rubber Stamp Robin here it is.

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