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Blog #8 : Political Ad

In this ad it is once again Roy Blunt’s team opposing Robin Carnahan.  In this very persuasive ad it is saying that Robin Carnahan is lying and continually lying to the public about the issues she is against and the ones she supports, it also states that she is lying about what she is saying about Blunt.  It uses clips from Missouri and Kansas newspapers claiming that she is lying, proving that Blunt’s team is correct with that accusation.  This ad is stating that she is wrong on every issues, and every issue she has supported has backfired.  It is persuasive because as americans we are worried about losing our jobs and about how much money we spend and give to the government.  In this ad Blunt’s team is saying that with Carnahan’s plan we will lose more jobs and spend more money on utilities, basically to sum up this ad says that we as Americans need to know the truth about Carnahan and what she supports.  The intended audience is all Americans, because we all want and need the same thing, jobs and money.  It doesn’t give a lot of reference towards older or younger citizens, it is made to attract to all ages.  The main message is to show that Carnahan is lying and her attacks on Blunt are false and misleading, they are trying to show that Carnahan has nothing good to offer to America because she had made the wrong decisions to better our country.  I believe the ad is very effective, it first shows Obama, once again to show the connection between him and Carnahan, this is a powerful first impression of the ad because people are not very fond of Obama right now.  Disregarding my own political preference, i think this ad is very enlightening because it does show what she has done that has been destructive towards our country.  It is also helpful to see what is being written about her in numerous newspapers. This ad is different than the ad I analyzed for Blog 2 because it is very clear on the stance by Blunts’ team.  He isn’t trying to shy away from the fact that he believes she is a liar and would not be good for our country.  As the election approaches it is helpful to see what the views of each party is, that is, to see it straightforward.  Blunt is very “blunt” about what he is trying to get across with this ad and it is effective.





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