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BLOG 8: Political Advertisement

For this Blog I decided to watch and analyze a Robin Carnahan television advertisement.

Her ad “Culture” is a very simple ad which has very little flashy graphics. It focuses simply on Carnahan and her words. There is very little to distract from the Carnahan’s image, her words, and her platform. The simple format is meant to attract the everyday average man. Her simple look and simple words are meant to not only attract the “average Joe” to the ad so they will watch it but also to get her message across. She is trying to show her audience that she is one of them. She is a just Missourian (on a farm no less) trying to make a change.

While her main message relies on her look and simple down to earth appearance with horses behind her, her words and platform are also other messages she is trying to get out. She discusses her platform ideas and experience by saying she has “gotten a lot of people their money back”. Not only is she telling her audience that once again she is working for the average everyday Missourian but she is also showing her experience. She is putting double meaning into her messages. She is also doing this by using the words “we” and “our” throughout the ad to connect.

As a political ad this ad is slightly effective. It is very effective in her efforts to show the Missourian public that she is an “average” person who is working for the “average Joe”. However, as a political ad to show her audience her views, platform, and experience it is not as effective as many political ads. However, I do not believe that Carnahan is aiming to promote her political views bur instead her character and standing with her audience.

This ad is very different from the ad which I analyzed for Blog 2. That ad was an attack ad by Roy Blunt on Robin Carnahan. For that blog I focused mainly on the attack strategies of Roy Blunt. The analysis of Blunt’s ad for Blog 2 was very short and had very little depth. This ad focuses on Robin Carnahan and her character and personality. This blog entry is a much more in-depth analysis about Carnahan’s attended message, audience, and effectiveness.


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