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Blog 8: Robin Carnahan Campaign Ad

For this blog I chose a different campaign ad for the Missouri Senate race when compared to blog 2. This ad was posted by the Carnahan campaign last week, and features Robin Carnahan discussing Roy Blunt’s record.  Carnahan begins the ad by discussing Roy Blunt’s attempts to avoid having a debate. Carnahan claims this is because he refuses to talk about his Washington record. Then, Carnahan tries to appeal to the audience by saying that Missouri constituents cannot be fooled, they know Blunt’s record. She discusses earmarks, and Blunt’s voting towards a pay raise. Carnahan believes that congress should take a pay cut until the budget is balanced. She ends the ad by introducing herself. The intended audience for this ad would be Missouri Democrats or Independents who have yet to decide who they will be voting for on November 2nd. The main purpose of this ad is to have the candidate speak directly to the voters regarding her opponent’s record. The text within the ad is bold and highlights Blunt’s negative attributes. I believe that the ad is effective because it is short and to the point. Carnahan gets her main points out there in a 33 second ad. The ad is different from my previous post for many reasons. The last ad I posted was very dramatic as well as did not feature Robin Carnahan. It gave negative information on Roy Blunt and used images to get the point across. This new ad focused more on the issues as well as featuring the candidate.

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