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BLOG 8: Roy Blunt Ad

As the November 2nd election rapidly approaches, much attention is being paid to the Missouri Senate candidates, Roy Blunt (R) and Robin Carnahan (D). Advertisements are flooding the media, supporting and degrading these potential Senators left and right. I decided to take a different route this time when analyzing one of these said candidates. Unlike Blog 2, where I chose an ad that challenged Roy Blunt’s political platforms, I decided this time to look at an advertisement supporting the Republican candidate.

This advertisement, sponsored by the NRA, praises Blunt for his patriotism and commitment to the constitution. The ad opens with the picture of the American flag, that during the duration of the first half of the ad is ripped apart, piece by piece. This imagery is a metaphor for the breakdown of the foundation of democracy — the American flag being the symbol of what our Founding Fathers stood for. This stance is a very conservative view, and I believe the intended audience are republicans who agree with these ideals. The National Rifle Association, a typically and  unabashingly  supporter of conservatives created and sponsored this advertisement, which continues my argument that this ad was formatted with the republican view-point in mind.

I believe the imagery of the American flag being ripped apart is very effective, using the communication technique of pathos.  The United States flag is a symbol that every American, no matter the party, identifies with and to see it being torn apart immediately creates an emotional response and grabs the attention of the viewer. Overall, I believe this ad was very effective.

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