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Blog #8 Roy Blunt, no place is safe from criticism, not even YouTube!

This ad  seems almost like a response to Robin Carnahan’s ad that I did my last blog post on. He is also featured on a farm and talks about hard hitting issues. The strange thing about this ad is that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s ( stltoday.com)  website added pop ups via YouTube. They are very strange bits of information that pop up in accordance to what Blunt is saying. For example at one point in the ad he says that his grandmothers were one room school teachers and a box pops up that say “one room school houses were common in the Ozarks until the late 1950s when they merged with larger school districts”. THroughout the ad you are constantly distracted by these pop ups and by the end of it you forgot what he said. I cannot tell if what the Post-Dispatch added is supposed to help Blunt’s image, or hurt it. The only indication of a bias is at the end one of the pop ups reminds us that Blunt forgot to say in the ad what position he was running for. This bit of information makes me think that the pop ups with random facts are meant to parallel the random facts that Blunt says about his life. The things that he says in this ad campaign lead to the same thoughts that you had while these pointless popu ups came on the screen. Overall you think, why do I need to know what your grandmother’s did, what does that have to do with the issues.

Other than the pop ups that make you analyze the ad more than you may have originally I found the video to be boring and aimed at a very particular audience. Wives and children seem to be the obvious audience of choice as Blunt references schools about three or for times. He also is trying to illustrate the fact that he has experience, and by  not staying what position he is running for I begin to assume that he trying to say:

you already know what I’m running for, I have no need to tell you, that’s how long I’ve been around!

Overall this ad is not much different from the ad I analyzed last week except for the fact that the candidates are different. Both ads seemed to pay attention to less meaningful issues and pointless facts. One of the main differences would be the influence of the media on this ad, and how the St. Louis Post Dispatch made you analyze your view on the ad and its content by giving you more pointless information about Roy Blunt’s life.

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