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Blog 8: Senate Ads

This time, I went with an ad from Robin Carnahan’s campaign:

I found this one to be particularly interesting because it was Robin in her so called “own words”. She was addressing things that had been said about her, specifically misconceptions about her main priorities. This is a very direct ad, which is aimed at people who might have heard negative things about her or her policies. It looks like she is trying to come across as honest, but still pleasant because she is set in what looks to be a living room. She opts for a cardigan instead of a suit, which gives off a more relaxed vibe. These things help her ad because it doesn’t make her look as harsh as she usually does.

The main message is that she wants people to know what her priorities are straight from her. She wants to help small businesses expand, tax cuts to the middle class and to hold Washington accountable. The whole ad seems to say that she is trying to clear up any misconceptions you might have had of her. Although I thought it was effective to hear her stance on each of the three issues, she still sounded harsh and unfriendly.

The same approach was taken for the Roy Blunt ad I analyzed in Blog 2. He was trying to seem more down to earth by being outside in “street” clothes. His ad used more of an emotional appeal by telling his story. I think, at this point in the Senate race, Robin isn’t in a position to do that anymore. The people of Missouri already know who she is and that is part of the problem. She wants us to see her in a different way because the way we view her now is wrong. Through the setting of the ad she is trying to be approachable, while also aggressively addressing those who have gotten her all wrong. While well intended, this ad is too short to be effective in convincing me to see her in a different light.

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