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Blog #8: Show-Me State Showdown


 Since the economy is an issue at the forefront of Missouri’s 2010 Senate race between Robin Carnahan and Roy Blunt I felt it was most appropriate to select an advertisement addressing this hot topic. In the above television campaign advertisement  link I’ve posted, Republican Roy Blunt wastes no time is getting straight to the point: creating jobs.  Right off the bat Blunt refers to Carnahan as “Rubber-stamp Robin,” which seems to be a recurring nickname for his opponent (at least on the Republican side). Blunt wastes no time labeling Carnahan and associating her with a catchy nickname that brings to mind a negative image.  When it comes to politics, to be known as a “rubber stamper”  is not a positive label  and refers to someone who very rarely disagrees with a person of higher power.  Knowing this, it makes sense that Blunt would lay out the failing economic plan and title it “Obama/Carnahan Agenda” – to make sure the two politicians are associated.  In the advertisement Blunt lists off 3 measures that comprise the floundering Obama/Carnahan economic plan:

“A disastrous stimulus bill that grew government, not jobs. A government controlled health care we can’t afford, and a job killing new energy tax”.

Just take a look at the strong words (which I bolded) that Blunt uses to describe what he perceives as the Democrats economic failures. For instance, the energy tax didn’t just “decrease jobs”, it “killed them”. Referencing that statement alone, one can see how Blunt is appealing to the unemployed, who are desperately searching for any way to support themselves and their families. The statement “we can’t afford,” also probably strikes close to home for those who are struggling to get by in this economic downturn. No matter what political affiliation, if an individual cannot find employment they will most likely vote for any candidate that offers the best plans to get the economy on track, so Blunt picks a wise group to appeal too. Blunt then proceeds to list in the ad how he plans to address America’s economic woes and how he will “Create Jobs,” in nice patriotic red, white, and blue:

” Less taxes, less red tape, and more American energy. Encouraging small businesses to do what they do best…create jobs”.

To small business owners who are really hurting in America’s tough economic climate, all those promises by Blunt probably sound wonderful. Sometimes all people need is a little hope and I firmly believe Blunt is trying to do just that by giving plausible approaches to the future that could create beneficial outcomes for Americans economically. The advertisement goes on to show Blunt working alongside your average blue-collar worker in your typical everyday manufacturing factory/plant, to really show how in touch he is and appeal to the US working class. Overall Blunt’s main message is that by voting for him your voting for a stronger economy, after all as Blunt so discreetly points out, the Democrats haven’t done much. Blunt offers up concrete ideas, future economic outcomes, and an air of confidence that would make any struggling, working class voter give a second thought to his approach. Compared to the advertisement I selected in Blog #2, this one is much more aggressive and on the attack. My Blog #8 advertisement  also addresses an extremely hot topic currently, the economy, while my other ad talked about education, which is an important issue, but not front and center. Also, I found this television to be much more direct and to the point, which really hammered the message home.

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