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Blog 8: The Missouri Senate Race

In this ad, Roy Blunt is talking about Border Patrol. I thought it was particularly interesting considering Missouri is not even a state that lies on the US boarder with Mexico. Regardless, Blunt, who’s campaign is based largely on restoring the Missouri’s economy by creating new jobs, is making the point that 45, 000 Missouri jobs are lost because of illegal immigration and he is leading the fight against this. He also points out that Robin Carnahan and President Obama oppose measures to secure the boarder, in particular the Arizona Immigration Law. His main points include:

  • Securing the Boarder
  • Finishing the Fence
  • Enforcing/Respecting the Law

The intended audience is the conservative voters who oppose illegal immigration and support security measures such as the Arizona Immigration Act. The ad is also targeting the 45,000 Missouri voters who have lost their job due to illegal immigration. I think it is effective. For those individuals who feel strongly about cracking down on immigration issues, this ad would hit home. At the same time, the portion of the audience who sees this message and already opposes the immigration laws would probably not be persuaded to join the bandwagon just because this can be such a touchy topic for so many voters.

This ad is not terribly different from the first ad I used. It was also with Roy Blunt and it focused on him restoring jobs and supporting small businesses. So, although Blunt is not talking about about particular Missouri businesses, he is focusing on the job security in this state.

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