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Blog 9: Colbert and Stewart…Legit?

While many people my age watch shows like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon StewartI am not one of those viewers, but I do feel like these shows are as much a legitimate political news source as shows that appear on “NEWS networks”.  In class we learned that exposure to an issue…allows for better processing.  So just being exposed to “hard news” through these “soft news” sources allows for at least the beginnings of deep understandings and retention of high cost information. 

Especially in today’s society when many young people are not as involved in politics it is important to give them as many outlets as possible to obtain news and information.  If they are interested in these television shows it is more positive than them not getting any information at all.  Like we learned in class, informed citizenry is an important part of the democratic process and must be upheld.  So I do not see a problem if people chose to become informed by these popular television shows.

Like all news sources, of course there is some bias in these television shows but based of the few times I have watched either of these shows, I don’t feel like the bias is strong enough to deter viewership based on that factor alone.

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