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Blog 9 : Stewart & Colbert

I think Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report are political news, maybe just not in the traditional way we think about politics.  They both discuss political news, events and issues that we hear about in the real news.  In my view it’s a lot more intriguing than actual news, there is the comedic flare that makes it more enjoyable, however we still get the same message across.  They basically take events and discuss what each candidate thinks of them and then put their own spin on it.  It’s like the news but in a comedy.  I know a lot of people that only get their political information from these two sources, and these people are highly educated.  In this article from 60 Minutes it discusses The Colbert Reports’, Stephen Colbert.  It does state that his news is political but also a comedy show. In this exert from one of Jon Stewarts’ show it shows Brian Williams basically saying that Stewart butchers the actual news.

In 2004, the National Annenberg Election Survey found that “The Daily Show” audience were among the best informed news consumers in the country. Comedy Central, relying on data from Nielsen Media Research, also found that Stewart’s audience not only knew more about current events, but were far better educated than Bill O’Reilly’s audience.

That quote is taken from the Washington Monthly and  holds to the point that this show is a political source.  This also proves that these types of shows do promote political participation.

I feel as though these shows are kind of biased, they are obviously more liberal than conservative.  I use the word  obviously because they use the politics and make fun of them and make fun of the politicians, and people who are very conservative don’t usually use comedy in relation to politics.  Not meaning that only liberals make fun of politics but for the most part Colbert and Stewart have very liberal beliefs, but they make fun of both parties.  They are also biased in the sense that they believe the news is biased, they have their beliefs and they hold  onto them.

“I know that I criticize you and Fox News a lot, but only because you’re truly a terrible, cynical, disingenuous news organization.” Stewart also noted the contradiction underscoring the criticism of his audience — Goldberg thinks “Daily Show” viewers are “elites” and “unsophisticated” at the same time?

That quote was taken from Jon Stewart who was defending himself and his beliefs to his opponent Bernie Goldberg, from Fox News.  Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are biased because their central idea of their show is driven to say the truth about politics and not hide away from any issues, they are blunt and very bold in their wording.  I feel as though these shows do promote political participation.  Earlier I have a quote regarding this fact, along with that I believe in this because people who are interested in politics needs various sources of where they get their information.  Some people stick to just the regular news, however people that look into these satirical shows get a more broad view.  They get to experience the actual politics from politicians and then get to see what comedians think of the issues.  If people weren’t interested in politics at all I don’t think they would watch The Daily Show or The Colbert Report at all.

such programs may exert a positive impact on public knowledge about politics. Hollander (2005, p. 410), for instance, concluded that exposure to political comedy shows yielded ‘a modest benefit … in terms of both [campaign information] recall and recognition’ among young people. Along similar lines, Young (2004a) found that, all else being equal, Daily Show viewers were more knowledgeable about politics than were non-viewers.

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