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If there is one thing I picked up in college that I enjoy 4 out of 5 days of the week, it is watching the Daily show as well as the Colbert Report.  I look forward to seeing the two of them each day when I return from a day of class.  My freshmen year I saw this clip from 2004 that shows John Stewart on crossfire.  It paints a clear picture that people do in fact take what these two “comedians” have to say for the truth.

I put quotations around the word comedian because although these two men do show world news, they do it as a personality; Stephen Colbert especially.  Here is a clip showing Colbert testifying before congress.  As you watch it, pay close attention to how he stays in this character that is a typical conservative person throughout the hearing. You can even pay close attention and catch Colbert breaking character once or twice a week according to this clip .

I do believe that these two shows reach a different audience that may not ever watch news on the major networks on TV.  Although, there are people out there who will watch both, these two can reach the typical college student who just wants to watch news for a few laughs.  I believe they are political news and if you ask the 100,000+ crowd that got together for the Rally To Restore Sanity and or Fear they would agree.

With this show being political news, just like any news it will be seen as biased.  John Stewart is fairly open about his democratic stance, and this past week was even able to have President Obama on his show for the first time as an active President.  Colbert mocks the Republican party with his conservative dialogue and makes jokes on how silly some things may sound when they are actually said.

With all this being said, if you haven’t made time to watch either of these shows I advise you to do so.  Each is only 30 minutes and I promise there will be plenty of laughs that will keep you coming back.


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