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Being involved in politics online isn’t exactly the same as involvement in politics in “real life.” While the two are extremely close I don’t think being involved strictly through your computer is the same as having a real time discussion with someone about politics in “real life.” There are however many ways two draw an effect through restrict involvement online just as creating a blog and gathering followers or creating a twitter account to advance your political views. There are even ways to help your preferred candidate advance his/her political ambitions with social networks and blogs, but as many people as the internet can reach it is still not the same as a “real life” conversation or applying for a job as part of a political campaign (unless your job is strictly to further the candidate through internet marketing). Making campaign posters/flyers/yard signs and other odd jobs is a way to get out in “real life” and show your support as a person instead of a faceless bloger/twitterer?/facebooker. I think adding a face to the views behind the voice is a much more effective way to be involved in politics. I’ll admit that it isn’t the most efficient way to reach to maximize your audience, but in real time there is authenticity to your views. The implications of my conclusion for democracy centers on a healthy dose of politics online and in real life is the best way to help achieve the most effective form of democracy. We have been talking about the personalization of ours lives as a terrible way to somewhat negate democracy with most of the personalization coming as a result from the internet. In fact if we were to personalize our online lives with our political interest, but still maintain discussions about politics in real life we would effectively creating much better conversations and arguments with whom we are talking too. The public can be much more informed about political decisions with the pros/cons about politicians and their decisions that affect our lives. If we do personalize our online lives, but still have real time debates then our views will be much more well-rounded maximizing the intellectual capital of our country.

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