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Political involvement on the Internet is the same thing for only a specific types of people. People who would normally donate to a political campaign or write a letter to their local congressman will use the internet to do these tasks but what is most concerning about the internet is the new groups using the Internet for campaigning. In this ABC news story, Aaron Smith from the Pew Institute describes what new groups got involved in the 2008 election. The most common were “engagement on blogs and social networking sites.” The internet is bringing in a younger, different demographic than normally seen in politics. However, these young adults didn’t just stay online. They were more likely to volunteer than other online users. Smith describes it as “a hook to getting involved.”

Others do not share this viewpoint.In this story in the Guardian titled, “The Internet and Politics: Revolution.com” the columnist says,

too much political effort online simply mimics traditional marketing-driven campaigning – treating voters as little more than shoppers, and policies as slickly packaged products. The overlooked lesson of Obama’s campaign is that it treated voters as citizens with active roles in a democratic society rather than passive consumers swayed by party marketing

I believe that when done right the internet can be a tool to getting more people involved in politics. As a country we should not be happy with 60 percent participation, we should strive for 100 percent. This is idealistic and probably will never happen but we get closer with internet. Democracy will stand strong as long as we do not sell our citizenry short.

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