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Blog 10: Implication of Online Politics

My generation grew up in “the internet age”, so political involvement in that realm is something that seems natural. However, I still remember going door to door with my mom when I was in elementary schools and campaigning. The internet has simplified this process by skipping the middle man. Politicians can reach constituents much easier by making a Facebook page or a Twitter than sending out mailings. Since the Internet is a part of everyone’s daily life, this kind of involvement is still “real”.  In a PBS article they made a timeline of when the Internet started to become a major player in elections until now. This has made fundraising cheaper and easier for many candidates, which gives them a fair playing field.

People can become more involved in campaigns by updating their status, Twitter, or blog. Research on candidates is easier, but so is getting misinformed. You have to muddle through a lot of information before you can find what you actually want. Overall, the Internet is a great tool for politics, but it can never make up for face time. Although it allows you to be in communication with your Representative, Senator, Councilman/woman, etc, it has depersonalized the entire system. In a lot of ways the Internet has made people feel self-important. Because people can go and post whatever they want on their blog, more like minded people become drawn to them. Like the book, Republic.com 2.o, discusses, people assume that we live in a direct democracy instead of a republic. The Internet is something that will become exploited, just like the media. Although it’s great to be able to post on Senator McCaskill’s wall, it doesn’t equal actually talking to her. The same goes for politicians who could potentially lose touch with their constituents by thinking that the Internet is better than going out into their community to see what the issues are firsthand.

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