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Blog #10 : Internet vs. Real life

Being involved in politics online is the same thing as being involved in politics in “real life.”  Either way you put it, this person is still learning more information and is curious about the political world, it shouldn’t matter where you are getting the information, just as long as you are getting it.  On some level I think you are being more involved if you are doing it through the Internet, because then at least you know your voice is being heard.  You are able to post your thoughts and opinions in different websites and you know you are being heard, whereas if you are involved in the real world maybe you are just talking about politics with someone or watching the news.

I feel as though my generation explores their views with politics through the Internet especially.  With Facebook, myspace, twitter and all the other blogging sites people my age are more likely to participate through their laptop and computer.  Online politics also increases our democracy because it involves a great deal of involvement from normal citizens.  I think democracy is highlighted in the use on online blogging and research because everyone gets to put in their two cents; you get to have more of a voice in my opinion.  I know that people who are involved in politics in the real world can protest and go to rallies, but their voice doesn’t really get heard unless they are high in status, whereas everyone is equal in the online world.  Candidates now look at what people say about them online more than they used to as well.  Twittering is even done by MSNBC and FOX News, this is a big deal because it just proves that these stations feel as though more people will listen to what they have to say if they broadcast themselves on Twitter, and get followed by people on Facebook.

This cartoon just shows that people can get political information through the internet very easily!

Looking for realtime political chat and debate? Or you can just observe.  #politics EFnet is the oldest and most popular channel with Chat clients to help you join in.  We are busy 24/7 with people from all over the world.   We welcome all reasonable political persuasions to join us in the Channel and at the Website.

This is in an introduction for a website that promotes people participating in its chats, the entire purpose of this website is to get people actively involved in politics.  This is just one of many, many websites where people can input their ideas!

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