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Blog 10: Online Political involvement and its impact on democracy

Anybody who has a Facebook account could have noticed the Facebok vote counter set up on the top of the page, during the Mid-term elections of Tuesday. It shows how important political involvement has become through Internet.I think that online political involvment is totally different from the one in real life.

  • First, for the candidates’ or policies’ campaign: the first step of a campaign is to arouse interest. And this is much easier and cheaper to do it via Internet than through media (either paid or not).
  • But most of all, it is much easier for electors or politically involved person to do so online. Thanks to online social networks, people can know share their political views or political information with (almost) anyone in the world. And this role is even more important in some countries that do not have  a (fully) democratic political life. There is a very interesting article called “Twitter free Iran” which deals with the way Twitter, and online social networks in general, has taken a huge place during the protests in Iran in 2009. In this case, online involvement becomes the main democratic forum (when access to internet is not restricted).

Nevertheless, even if I tend to think that the Web made political information easier to get and so allows a bigger number of people to be familiar with potics, it has also created a new level of political implication. Indeed, between the passive voter/partisan and the active one (who goes to meeting and even takes part to campaigns) has emerged the voters who will regularly browse and share news articles or thoughts about politics in a blog or on a Facebook page.

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