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Real Life vs Online Politics

There is a HUGE gap between “real life” politics and online politics because internet posts and responses are instant while “real life” politics are on the paper time scale: one day to research, one day to print, one day to respond back.  Gap reason number two: the range of information passing through the web.  With partisan press newspapers, some areas of the country are only receiving a sliver of the information that is available on the internet.

Deliberate Democracy<—It’s taking place on the web because people are getting involved more with teh blogs.  Newspapers can print a couple responses that people send in but nowhere near the amount that a political blog can accumulate.  In addition, these mass responses can be divided into separate interest areas to make navigating the site easier while still allowing all opinons to be seen/read.   

…The Internet enables the instantaneous pooling (and hence correction, refinement, and amplification) of ideas and opinions, facts and images, reportage and scholarship, generated by bloggers” -Hayek pg 140

The implications of this on democracy are already settling into place: the newspaper is a dying source while weblogging politically is on the rise and will continue to do so.  (It is hard to imagine an increase in online blogs when there is one created every 2.2 seconds).  The internet blogs increase political information disbursement and is readily available for the public which I think will lead to a greater public involvement (more people at the polls fighting for the issues they blogged about) aka Deliberate Democracy.

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