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Blog 12 (11): The Semester in Review

I think the most useful piece of information I learned in this course would actually be a combination of pieces of information that all come together to describe the evolution of media in politics. I am someone who gains a lot of understanding from historical events and real-life examples, so if I had to choose something that was the most useful and interesting I would have to choose our discussion of events that changed politics. For example when we highlighted the Kennedy/Reagan debate, and looked at all the ways this changed politics I was very interested because I could relate the terms we learned to actual historical pieces of information. Also when we watched those youtube videos about political advertisements, like the one with the man and the woman sitting at the table speaking to Americans and telling them about an issue. I found this small moment in political history very interesting, and the fact that just a couple years ago these same actors reunited to do a new campaign towards the same issue was really interesting to me. Overall I think the references to real life examples and historical landmarks were very interesting.

On the other hand I think the most irrelevant and confusing part of the class was the variety of the writings we would have to read on blackboard. Towards the end of the semester I started to understand how to read them, and how I had to read them a particular, analytical way. Compared to how easy to understand and beneficial I felt like the discussion of the full books were, I think though these articles diversified the class information, they ultimately did more harm than good because they were so confusing and broad.

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