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Blog 11 (12): An Overview of the Course

Politics is a topic that I find extremely interesting, so this course has been a good experience overall. I enjoyed our blog entries, especially the topics we wrote on. I liked that we followed the Carnahan/Blunt race from the beginning of the semester to the end of the race. It helped to keep me informed and gave me a unique outlook into how political campaigns are run. The actual course material coupled with the real world examples allowed me to see politics in a whole different light. I have always seen it from a political science/historical perspective, so to see the communication aspect put everything into perspective. Although I found it a tad disheartening to see the tactics politicians and the media use to manipulate the public, it made me a more informed citizen.

I think the section about the First Amendment was extremely relevant, but I found Sunstein’s book boring. As political communication students the First Amendment is something that needs to be discussed and talked about, but his ideas caused more confusion than anything.

Overall, I have had a great experience in this course. I have learned a lot about political communication that will help me as a student and an educated constituent.

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