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Blog 11 (12): Most/Least Interesting

When I signed up for this class untitled “political communication” I had a pretty good idea about what it was going to be about. I expected and was excited to learn about the business of the media in politics in current society. My prediction came true and I wasn’t disappointed; however, what I found most interesting was not relating the media business in present terms, it was learning about the foundation and where it all began. Comparing the Nixon’s 1960 campaign to his 1968 campaign was fascinating to me, especially through the eyes of his former campaign manager in The Selling of the President. The concept of “controlled media”  which is the norm in today’s media was seen as groundbreaking and innovative during Nixon’s time. The comparison was fun to explore in hindsight, and it for some reason brought the influence of television to reality in a more powerful way.

The week that had the least influence on me was week 10 where we focused on soft news. While fun to discuss, it did not measure up to the importance of the other issues that we discussed such as the role of journalists in society or framing in the media.


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