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Blog 11 (12): This semester

As a whole, I have enjoyed my time in this class. I have had classes in the past that have focused on bias in the media and this greatly interested me, especially when it applies to politics. I liked that this class contributed a large amount of time to analyzing this topic. It was also interesting to take a critical look at different political campaign ads and compare the different messages between political parties. The blogs were also a nice aspect. Although they became time consuming at times and difficult to gauge what information to include, they were definitely an interesting learning tool and something that can be useful in a future career. I also like the fact that a lot of work in this class is independent. This is also a positive related to the blogs. As far as the most boring or uninteresting issue, it would most likely be the varied articles on blackboard. Some of these articles were interesting, however, they were not related to the material we were studying as much as I would have liked them to be. In all, I feel the work was an adequate amount for the class.

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