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BLOG 12 (11): Semester in Review

When I first signed up for this class I knew very little about Political Communication or politics as a whole. This class as a whole was very useful information for me because it was all information which I had never really thought about before. This class definitely made me want to pay attention more to the partisan news and where I get my news from. By looking at the role of the press, this class made me wonder what I was paying attention to and where my news was actually coming from. It “forced” me to pay more attention to what I was hearing and to understand that while I may be hearing something which I agreed with and fit with my ideas it was not the only side of the story.

However, one thing I did not find as useful was the online readings. While I found them interesting many times they related to what we were reading in the book. I feel like while I learned interesting facts from the readings I did not learn anything important or relevant to the class or politics as a whole. So while they may not have been boring I do consider them the most irrelevant.

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