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Blog 12(11) : Class in Review

The most interesting and useful bits of information I learned was about how the media affects us as Americans.  It’s something I never really thought about before, we always watch television and see ads and read the newspapers and magazines but they have such an impact in our lives.  Everything has some sort of a bias and I see other points of view more clearly now.  It’s also interesting to think about how easily we are affected by the media.  Our decisions and beliefs can be altered just by watching CNN or FOX .  It was also useful to see how media has changed politics, through our discussions, and especially the book on Nixon.

The most boring/irrelevant issue that we discussed was the online articles through blackboard.  I felt as though we never really discussed them in depth and they were just a tag along of information we have been learning about.  By that I mean we read various books that discussed the same information, it was kind of  tag along articles just to read.  I felt like they were kind of boring articles that weren’t essential to my learning.

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