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Blog 12(11) Semester in Review

The most interesting aspect of this class for me was reading the McGinnis book about the Nixon campaign. When I read this book, it held my attention and I found the information within the text to be very fascinating. I had always known about the Nixon/Kennedy debates, but I had not realized how hard the Nixon campaign worked to portray him in a good light to the public. The Sunstein book was also interesting however, it was not as interesting to read when compared to the McGinnis book.

The most irrelevant and boring issue for me was the going public section. I did not necessarily enjoy the Iyengar book. I had previously taken a class within the political science department, (since I am double major) and we had a whole section of the class devoted to the topic of going public. Therefore when we reviewed it in political comm., it was a review for me. The subject matter of going public also is very dry for me.

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