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Blog 11: Responsibilites of Democratic Citizens

The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

There is no difference in the requirements of being a democratic citizen now than after the Revolution. Citizens need to be informed about the issues, vote and be supportive of those elected but be able to hold them accountable if they are not upholding the wishes of their constituency. The only thing that has changed is the mediums citizens use to accomplish these responsibilities. Citizens don’t have to campaign for candidates. They aren’t required to blog or attend rallies but they are responsible for knowing how the candidate stands on an issue. They shouldn’t vote for someone just because they’re good looking, they have exceptional speaking skills or are making history. All of these qualities will be factors in why you pay more attention to a candidate but should not be the only thing you know about a candidate when you walk into the polling location. There are more proactive citizens who have an invested interest in a candidate and will make it their mission to make sure you know all about their candidate. However, they are less than a Democratic citizen if they are misleading you so you can not make an informed decision. Candidates are not running campaigns that don’t allow the general public to be responsible democratic citizens. They need to focus more on the issues than how they will sell their “product.”

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