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BLOG 11 (12): Democratic Citizen Then vs. Now

Being a democratic citizen today is a lot different then what it meant during my parents age and especially during my grandparents age.

One thing that has notably changed is technology. Technology has become such an important part of politics and political campaigns that it is hard to imagine what politics would be like today without it. This is something past generations never had to worry or think about. Just like our parents were the age of television advertisements which made their generation distinct from their parents (our grandparents) our generation has the internet to set us apart. Another thing which has changed is the urge to vote. When our parents were our age the emphasis to vote, to make the youth vote count was not as strong. Other than the hippie movements of the 60s very little emphasis was every really put on past younger generations to “Rock the Vote”.

A great democracy must be progressive or it will soon cease to be a great democracy.

– Theodore Roosevelt

However some things are still the same. We still have to vote to make our opinion heard. People still need to get out of the house and do something with the knowledge they have (no matter in what form they received it). So in that way, in the way that we are still democratic citizens who have to get out and use our voice to make a change, things from our parents and grandparents generations are still the same.


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