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Blog 11(12): Class Evaluation

I cannot name just one thing that I found to be the most interesting or useful.  There were many interesting things that I have learned in this class this semester.  Just to name a few:

  • I really like the articles that you had us read about the communication studies. I know that people complained about them, but when asked if we had ever had to read them before many people had not.  It opened our eyes to something new and allowed us to see how research in the communication field really works.  They may have been hard to understand at times, but once you broke it down it was fairly easy to understand.
  • I enjoyed the fact that we had to blog, not Tweet as much, but blogging is a good tool to have.  When I was applying for an internship they wanted to know if I was able to use different types of online media outlets and WordPress was one of them.
  • I enjoyed the analysis of all of the ads that we did in the class as well.

The most irrelevant/boring things:

  • I didn’t like the book Republic.com 2.0.  I just thought that it was rather blah (for a lack of better words) as others have said it already reiterated what most of what we discussed in class.  I just felt like even though it did offer us solutions to the problem, that it was just kinda boring.

On another note:

  • I really wish that classes would have lasted longer on a day to day basis.  Don’t get me wrong it was nice on some days to get out early, but I just wish that there would have been more class participation.  I think that attendance should have been graded rather than participation or a combination of both maybe, just to make more people show up to class.  There was one day when there was 10 people in class.  It kind of makes me feel bad.
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