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Blog #12: Concluding the Semester

Interesting/Useful Information learned:

  • Following the Senate race: Watching ads from the campaign and applying what we were learning to the campaign is something I wouldn’t have done if it was not assigned.
  • Nixon/Kennedy debates
  • In general: everything outside the textbook that we discussed because few teachers apply the material to real-life events. 
  • How the political world has moved online is changing the way people get their news: This was the biggest part of our semester and when I read about the course I was unaware of this movement and surprised/pleased that this course has been about the most current/relevant information.

Boring/Irrelevant Information discussed:

  • The last book that we read: Republican 2.0 repeated a lot of what we had already read/discussed.  It was a very informational book but there was not enough new information to make it intriguing.
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