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Blog 12: That’s All Folks

I took this class in order to become more aware of politics in general and walked away with much more knowledge than I ever would have predicted! I really enjoyed the open atmosphere of the class and comfortable discussion everyone engaged in. My favorite part of the class was definitely reading The Selling of the President because Nixon was the first president I ever researched. In 4th grade we had to read a book and do a biography on any famous person, and for some odd reason I chose President Nixon. I can still remember constructing my Richard Nixon water bottle cut-out, in which the disgraced president was flashing the “victory” signs (aka peace signs) and saying his arguably most famous quote, “I am not a crook”. To this day I still have a special soft spot for good ol’ Tricky Dick, so you can only imagine how happy I was to learn about the inner-workings of his political campaign. I also liked the blogs, they were an easy and interesting way to participate in class and view everyone elses’ thoughts and opinions. 

For me personally, the most boring thing we discussed was about journalists’ role in political media- only because I had learned about that topic in my journalism classes. Although saying that, I had never really looked at how a journalist’s role in politics has evolved over time, and I found that extremely interesting!

Overall I really enjoyed my experience in Communication 4473 and looked forward to coming to class! Plus- it gave me a platform on which to discuss politics with the oh so conservative Mr. Ed (my dad), which I always like doing when I’m home in STL 🙂 Thanks for everything Professor Houston!

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