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Democrats Now and Then

Parties are trying to reinvent themselves while awkwardly staying the course that keeps them in power

Younger generations have disconnected from conventional politics and government in alarming numbers

-Two of the first sentences of this article talk about change and progression but they could also be applied to past generations.  First, parties are always reinventing themselves to stay current AND popular.  The second sentence can also be applied to every generation  When our grandparents were our age there was a huge CONNECT to politics and government.  The example in my head is thinking about how involved they must’ve been because of the World Wars, sense of patriotic duty and extension a sense of community backing of local war heroes and politicians (obviously not directly to presidential candidates).  Moving onto our parents generation, I’m thinking of the huge disconnect because of the draft and the Vietnam war.  All the peace rallies and protests would definately be characterized as frustration with the government. 

The biggest difference between now, twenty five years and even fifty years ago is in the television spots and candidate viewings.  Professional communication managers and speech writers are now what we see/think about when we view political campaign ads or national television adresses.  Where is the character or personality of the candidate that wasn’t molded by a “team of specialists”?  Whose to say when that all began but there is no doubt that there now exists and EXACT SCIENCE to the entire campaign start to finish.

These differences are reinforced by the internet.  Our resources and partisan news outlets are becoming more and more vast.  Our parents and grandparents did not have access to the amount/diverse information that we do. 

This article puts huge emphasis on all the changes and the overall evolution of young voter’s political world.  But contrastly, few politicians (if any) put effort into this group because of the voter turnout in the past by the 18-25 year old bracket.  A change must be made.  If the youth aren’t getting involved because they are not valued and the politicians aren’t valuing us because we’re not getting involved, who yields first?

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