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Generation to Generation

It doesn’t take much to see how different the times are between generations in America. — just open up a history book.  My parents grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, and both came from very strong Catholic families and were very disciplined.  For myself, I have grown up in the .com age where wireless speed, wireless service, and impressing others with designer clothing are some of the fore most concerns of all people.   Sounds pathetic, right?  Well, it is something that we all have become accustomed to.  As far as being a democratic citizen, I believe the culture of America has fostered our idea of democracy.

When my grandparents were growing up, World War Two was the global issue at the time bringing many nations into a war.  Before World War Two, the Unites States was a country on the outside looking in at the global front.  After, it was apparent that the United States had become an international superpower.  As my parents were growing up, civil rights and Vietnam were primary ways of representing different democratic beliefs.

In 2010, this democratic nation, which we all call home, has Americans absorbed with television, demonstrating how partisan people of the United Sates of America have become.  Just today there are reports that the reason Bristol Palin has made it to the finals on Dancing With The Stars is because of a Tea Party/Republican Party conspiracy.  WHO CARES!?  Back when my grandparents and parents were growing up, the idea of having a black President wasn’t even a thought.  Well, just two years ago on November 4, 2008, the United States elected a president from a minority race in a country with a different majority race.  Plain and simple, times have changed.  It is inevitable that the next generation will look at democracy different then we do today.  The ‘talk of the town’ will no longer be about abortion, gay marriage rights, or terrorism, but our children will grow up listening and learning about other polarized issues and mainstream topics.


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