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The good the bad and the useful

To go off of what my title is I am going to discuss what the good, the bad, and the useful was throughout this semester.

I will start with the news that is good!

I first want to say that if there is anyone out there reading this that isn’t in Political Communications at Mizzou, look into it.  The reading assigned are very relevent and compared to other Comm. readings I have had this semester I was able to enjoy them.  There is no other class that I have ever heard of where you can:

1.  Blog for your daily grade.

2. Tweet for participation points.

3.  Use your computer on an essay exam.

Coming in into this class I was interested in the material but to be honest, was taking it because I needed it.  The most useful tool I have used this semester was to be able to put reading together into my own thoughts.  For example:  the section where we read and learned about the Nixon campaign.  We didn’t just learn about this part of history, we were able to decide what could have been done differently as well as know in the future how to do things better so something like what happened to Nixon doesn’t happen again.

Now, on to the bad jazz…

I wasn’t big on the lecture itself.  I never have a problem with getting out early by any means.  I would enjoy things to be a little different from day-to-day.  Although, I know I have missed a few classes due to work, voting, and being sick, I have no room to complain on how my professor runs his classroom.  I did enjoy the days where we watched old campaign commercials, as well as the video with men who worked on the JFK vs. Nixon campaign teams.

I know these days people enjoy ratings so they can pin-point how classes really are.  If you were to ask me, how good was this class on a scale of one to ten compared to other classes at Mizzou, I would answer with a stong EIGHT this is a class in the Comm department that if you miss out on you will regret it.


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