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a wrap up of the semester

When signing up for this class I was a little worried. I thought it had the capability to be boring or irrelevant to me. I now realize that I was wrong. Although I have never invested myself too much into the political world, I found this class to be very interesting.

I especially enjoyed the beginning of the semester when we talked about going public. I liked learning about image ads versus issue ads as well as performance messages and policy messages. This combined my emphasis, mass media communications, with political communications. The lessons about JFK and Nixon were interesting also. It was cool to look back and see how campaigns ran at the time when television was brand new. I comparing Nixon’s 1960 campaign with his 1968 campaign. He was becoming a celebrity as well as a president. Television had started packaging the candidates and they continue to do it today.

One of the things I did not like about the class was the blogs. Sometimes I did not feel like they were relevant to the class. I felt like they were always a burden. Instead I would have rather expressed my thoughts and views in class. It was annoying to have to blog and then tag it to my twitter account.Rather than doing blogs I would have liked to have longer class discussions or even class debates. I think a couple of class debates about the blog topics would have been fun. I think it would allow us to be more engaged in the topics. One of the topics that we blogged about was bias in the media. For some reason I found this very boring. I still do not understand media bias. I feel like instead of blogging about it we should have talked about it more in the classroom. I know the media can be biased but I feel like we kind of went in circles when talking about it.

Overall I enjoyed the class a great deal. I learned a ton of information that I did not know before. It definitely got me more interested and involed in politics. I was glad I was in the class when the senate race was going on. I kept up with the race and with each candiate. Since I was learing more about the political world  and how politics worked I was able to make a better educated vote when I voted.

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