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BLOG 1: Where I learn about politics

Where does my political information come from? Like most of my generation most of my information, including my political information, comes from the internet.  I get my information about school, friends, music, art, food, events,  and just about everything else from the internet so it is natural that my political information comes from the internet too.

One of the best things about getting my political information from the internet are the choices I have.  Not only can I choose from any news source from around the world, but I can also choose what type of user interface I prefer, what specific topics interest me, how often I receive updates, the style in which the information is presented, and how much interaction I have with others who are providing and responding to the political information.

For a variety of these reasons the specific sources of my political information are Real Clear Politics, The New York Times, and a vast number of users on Twitter. Real Clear Politics is a great source because it pulls the top articles relating to the most prominent news issues from sources around the world and makes them all easily accessible.  Twitter is also a source I love to use to get my political information because I don’t have to find the information, the information finds me.  I follow a variety of politicians, news organizations, and interest groups so that I can get political information related to many different issues in which I am interested.  When I run out of time in a day or just want some quick headlines Twitter is a great source of information.

Click HERE for some interesting statistics about where people get their news each day.  I was pretty surprised by the low online numbers but it is important to note that this data is from 2007. As a side note, other tidbits of political information are always coming to me via word of mouth.  My friends, family, classmates, teachers, co-workers, etc. all have some influence on the political information I receive each day.

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