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Blog 1: Where I get my political information

I get my political information from multiple sources. I use MSN as my homepage because it offers the most popular stories of the day both political and nonpolitical. It also has links to other news sources if you are looking for more detail. I also like CNN and The New York Times. These two sources provide more in depth coverage of what is going on in politics and the news. Both CNN and The New York Times provides information that is both up to date and accurate. They get breaking news stories about politics efficiently. I always know that if I am looking for specific political information I can use both of these sources. I also like the in depth background information provided by The New York Times. I also use The Dallas Morning News as a source. I am from Texas and like to follow political happenings there. Also I enjoy political satire. I enjoy watching shows such as The Colbert Report and The Daily Show to get a light hearted and comical view of politics. These two shows provide current information on what is going on in the country, and with the government. Often times they have guests who have political background and who have interesting commentary. Occasionally I will watch the news on FOX of MSNBC. I use these sources less often because I do not always enjoy listening to excess information. Outside the Daily Show and Colbert Report I do not really enjoy listening to political news, when I can read stories without getting extra fluff form news anchors and such. The radio is also a good source of political information. I do not seek out radio stations strictly to listen for political commentary. However, when the broadcasters are talking between songs and I hear about something interesting happening, I tend to go home and find more information on it.

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