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Blog 1: Where I Get My Political Information

I receive my political information from a variety of sources because of the impact the rise of digital technology has had on our society’s accessibility to journalism.  Despite the growth of online journalism, my favorite method of obtaining the daily news is to read a print edition of  USA Today, but I do have the application for the news outlet on my Android smart phone as well. I also enjoy reading the St. Louis Post Dispatch because St. Louis is my hometown and I like to stay informed on local news which USA Today does not offer. Both of these sources do a great job of covering the national and local news respectively and I respect the jobs they do in reporting the news.  Other than print journalism, while accessing the internet on a computer I browse many online news sources often. Some of my favorite online sources to check are CNN and Yahoo!. They both provide political news in an organized and easy to use manner. Since the emergence of 24-hour news programs and these digital news sources I am much less likely to watch nightly news television programs, but occasionally I do watch CBS Nightly News with Brian Williams. Brian Williams is my favorite news anchor to watch on television. At times I do watch shows such as The Colbert Report and The Daily Show to add a humorous point of view to politics. These are the main sources I use while trying to access political information. I will say digital technology has had an enormous impact on how I obtain my political information and I am much more reliant on the Internet for a quicker and easier way to get information.

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