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Blog 1: My Political Sources

While there are many convenient places to get current political information, lately my most preferred source has been my cell phone and the numerous news applications I am constantly adding.  The Android app market has opened up my world to sources for news and politics that I never sought access to before.  While I have downloaded many more than I actually use, NPR News, Fox News, the New York Times and even TIME Mobile provide most of the political information I read daily.  In particular, the hourly news updates available through the NPR News app provide a five minute glimpse into what is going on in politics and in the world.  I tend to just conveniently listen to these on the run or in my car.

Another source I use for my political information is Twitter, either through my phone or the Internet.  I follow everything from NPR News to people like Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper.  I like the convenience of this source and the quick updates I receive from them by just glancing at recent tweets on my phone.  In addition, the access they provide to recent news articles make it easy for me to stay up to date with what is going on in the political world.  While I do not often use television as an outlet for political information, I occasionally watch the Colbert Report or Fox News.  I have never been much of a TV-watcher and find other sources more convenient, as I can access others more readily on my own time.

Finally, my dad is a huge source for my information, not only politically but for news in general.  He keeps me updated on any recent or politically relevant news he thinks I may find interesting.  Also, anything I ask him about a recent piece of news or something I have discussed in a class or with friends about politics he always has an opinion on and is always willing to give me more details about it.  Because we have somewhat contrasting political views, this provides a different eye on the world of politics for me and is always an opinion I take into account when considering news and politics.

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