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Blog 1: Where do I get my political information?

When it comes to actively following politics, I turn to a variety of sources for my information. I’d like to say that I follow these sources closely and on a regular basis, but in reality my habits are often random in regards to what issues I keep track of and how closely I do so. My favorite source is the USA Today, which I try to read every day (either online or more preferably a paper copy). I feel that of all the major national newspapers, the USA Today is the most balanced in its coverage, and more importantly, focuses more on stories that I feel are the most relevant. I use Twitter to get top stories from sources like CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, simply because they are large national media outlets that cover important stories. I do not, however, follow Fox News in any way. Despite the fact that I consider myself to be a Conservative, I cannot stand Fox’s blatant disinterest in avoiding bias.

In addition to the major outlets, I also watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report when I get a chance. I’ve read a couple articles recently on the effects that these two satire shows have on the current media landscape and especially on the way young people follow politics, (including this piece from the Times, entitled “Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?”), and I think it’s very interesting to read about how these shows have affected the way that the media as a whole approaches young audiences.

Twitter has also drastically changed the way I get my political news. Ever since I started using Twitter, I have visited the websites of media outlets less and less, instead simply clicking on the links provided when said outlets tweet a major story. I love how easy Twitter has made following news, but because of it I now read only the big stories and not the minor ones that may have caught my eye had I visited the outlet’s home page. I also use Twitter to follow various politicians that I support or am just interested in, and this has proved to be a great way to hear information straight from the horse’s mouth.

I try to use all these sources to provide a clear picture of what’s going on in the political world. Rarely do I read one outlet’s take on a particular story and move on; I do my best to understand every angle.

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