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BLOG 1: Where do you get your political information from?

I  sympathize with the camp that feels pretty overwhelmed by the amount of information, political or not, available today.  While politics is not a special interest of mine, I do believe that it is important to be an engaged citizen. For this reason, I try and at least familiarize myself with major political events and figures.

I have a lot of pride in where I come from: Denver, CO and I hope to serve the city in some capacity through my career or volunteer work.  Much of my political interest thus revolves around Denver, the state of Colorado and issues relevant to these places.  Consequently, I look to local news sources for political information.  These include:

The Denver Post

The Denver Government Website (linked above as well)

5280 Magazine

9 News

and occasionally Westword

5280 has great feature stories about Colorado politicians or issues especially hot in Colorado like immigration and marijuana legislation.

As far as national political news goes, I usually skim over headlines to stay current and delve into stories if they particularly pique my interest.  I usually go to what I see as typical or popular sources of national news, including:


New York Times


I usually think of NPR as less-biased, but I haven’t done any investigative or comparative research to determine whether this is actually true.  I access NPR both online and on the radio.

Finally, I’ve traveled to Haiti several times since my senior year of high school, so the political situation there has been interesting to me for a while.  The role of history and the complexity and uncertainty of the political situation in Haiti right now, especially with the return of Baby Doc, make me wonder about what is necessary for successful political systems.  Signing up for Twitter this past week has actually played a huge role in directing my information consumption about the current political happenings in Haiti to sources that I don’t think I would have located otherwise, including the Twitter posts from HaitiNewsNet.

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