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Blog 1: Where I Get My Political Information

Information comes at us each in every day from phone calls and text messages to television, Internet and newspapers.  With all these options, it’s easy to get bogged down and put up a perceptual screen to unfavorable opinions.  When I get my political news, I want to be well-informed, yet entertained to break up all of the clutter.  While I value opinion pieces in the New York Times and Time magazine, I need quick, fact-based news, like I find in the Week.

I am an active Twitter-user, and I follow users including The Daily Show, Politico, The Economist, the White House, Anderson Cooper, and CNN Politics.  I have found that these sources can inform me quickly on the important matters of each day, and if I want to know more,  I follow-up the information with their host sites.

I typically don’t have time to watch television, so the Internet defines my political information. I will admit that I catch C-SPAN when I can to witness political activities nearly firsthand.  My parents watch Fox News, but it is too partisan for me.  I prefer news sources that are not so blatantly obvious in their opinions.

Jane Hirt from the Chicago Tribune did an interesting piece about the Tribune’s “Red Eye” Project targeted toward millennials, titled “What do Millennials Want in their News Anyway?”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOHEiPL_v1o.  Our generation is drastically different from those before us – always on the go and in an age of technological advances.  My capstone group has done extensive research on this “Youth and Young Adult” group, or the YAYAs.  To find insights on the demographics and how the news media can best reach us, check out this link: http://www.mojo-ad.com/node/59.

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