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Where do I get my political info? No. Really. Where?!?!?!

Hmm, It’s not until you sign up for (and are fully admitted into) a Political Communication class that you really think about the question – where do I get my political information from? And then you step back one more time to get an even bigger picture and you think “Wait. Really, where do I get it? A question so hard to answer I have to lean my head while scratching at the same time just to think about it. Some might be able to give you an answer off of the top of their head but me…well let’s just start with where I don’t get my political information.

I DO NOT receive my information from the television. The last few times I have watched the news was to see a friend anchor on the local KOMU News Channel and represent the magnificent J-School (Journalism) here at the University of Missouri. Not to say that I don’t watch television. I just don’t get my political information from it unless the reports sound something like “Brett Favre turns in retirement papers once again only because he wants to enter the political realm by running for President of the United States in 2016!” But that’s not happening.

The most political information I can get out of ESPN or ESPN Magazine (online of course) are reports of Obama thinking about attending the Super Bowl if the Chicago Bears were playing (better luck next year).

Other places I do not receive my news include: Newspapers, magazines, tabloids, pamphlets, billboards, emails, text messages, instant messages, buses (do those count as billboards?) or telegrams.

I receive my political information from my laptop. Big or small the information comes from the internet. Okay, I should probably be a little more specific. I receive my political information from the home pages of Yahoo and MSN – if a story really interest me I do further digging on CNN and affiliated sources. These sources are used primarily due to convenience. This is the technology age. There are three things I always have with me – my BlackBerry, iTouch and depending on how busy of a day it is, my laptop (but I do always have access to the wonderful iMacs of the University of Missouri).

Political information hasn’t become as important of an area in my life but we are going to see where this semester takes it. And hopefully that is to the top.

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