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Blog #2: Is the media biased? How do you know?

I hope this does not ruin my reputation in this class, but I would call myself a Conservative. Therefore I would definitely have to say that the media is definitely biased. Everyone would have to agree with me on that topic though, I think, whether you are Democrat or Republican. I personally think that the media is biased more towards the left side of the political spectrum. I feel like it is painfully obvious that media like MSNBC, CNN, and many newspapers are biased. Therefore, when Conservatives like myself are sick of hearing about “how great Obama is”, “where are the Obama girls going to attend school?” or “what kind of dog is the Obama family getting?” we turn to conservative news outlets like Fox news. It really drives me nuts when people make fun of the legitimacy of Fox news, and laugh just when it is mentioned, most likely just because it is a Conservative news channel.

I also, unlike many people, like and respect Sarah Palin. Though I do not want her to run for President, but that is a whole other topic. I really do think the media has made her out to be an idiot. Sure, she has said some dumb things, but who hasn’t? Nobody can be perfect all the time. The media also seems to focus on every little thing her family does, just to say something bad about them. Recently, the media was trying to say her daughter Willow was racist against gay people, and wrote gay slurs on Facebook. She is a teenage girl, using Facebook. Someones status was saying something mean about her sister, Bristol, so Willow called him a “faggot”. Whereas this is definitely not politically correct, what teenage person has never ever used the word faggot? Willow Palin is most certainly NOT the only teenager who has called someone a “faggot”. But yet, the media made the whole situation out to be a way bigger deal than it was, and focused on this issue. Personally, I think that if President Obama’s daughters said something like that, you would never hear about it.But, since it was Sarah Palin’s daughter, she is just a horrible person. There are many reasons that I believe the media is biased, these are just a few of them. Again, I hope this does not ruin my reputation in the class!

  1. February 8, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    I get the sense that the class is pretty evenly divided between liberal, conservative, and neither, so there is no need to apologize for your political beliefs. And even if you were the only conservative, there would be no need for apology.

    With regard to your post, the mass media were all over the antics of Bill Clinton and were pretty tough on Chelsea Clinton (his daughter) at times. The media largely left the Bush daughters (twins) alone, just like they tend to leave the Obama daughters alone. So it seems to me that differences in coverage of the personal lives of candidates and politicians often has to do with the actual lives of those candidates and politicians.

    Sarah Palin has made her private life very public, and much of her private life (her family, where she lives, her lifestyle [hunting, hockey, etc.]) are part of her appeal as a public figure. So does this positioning have anything to do with how the media covers her? If she were liberal and exactly the same otherwise, do you think the media would leave her alone? Conversely, if one of the Obama daughters became pregnant in high school, do you think the media would cover it?

    Does negative coverage of one politician mean the press is biased?

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